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sTdwares Freelancing Services

Another job well done. Super minimal revisions needed, quick turn-around, and great communication. Then top if off with being affordable and providing a great body of work and that equals a superior value to our little company.

Mike Ramos

President, Your Car Dealer Bond LLC

Why work with us?

End to End Service

We provide end to end service to the small and medium businesses. From Website Design to Content Development and Digital Marketing, get everything under one roof.

Quality Assurance

We do the best even when no one is watching. That’s quality for us. We always strive to bring about the highest quality of work that you can get with least supervision.

Aligned Goals

We grow when you grow, and hence, we sync our priorities with your business goals and work  together to achieve them. We don’t stop until you win and make it happen.

Our Flagship Services

sTdwares Freelancing Services - Business Consulting

Business Consultation

We listen, understand, and provide business insights, action items, and also help the small and medium businesses to achieve goals and grow.

sTdwares Freelancing Services - WordPress Development

WordPress Website

WordPress design and development is our core offering, where we build your online identity and give a face to your business.

sTdwares Freelancing Services - Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We promote and strengthen your online presence through our most popular digital marketing services, helping you to spread your reach.

sTdwares Freelancing Services - Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance

We take care of almost all of your digital needs and handle the  nuances of your business with utmost accuracy, consistency, and quality.

We provide end-to-end online solutions to small and medium businesses, with our flagship services.
Get in touch for more detailed information and One-to-One discussion

Our Extended Services

Our SMART Approach

Specific | Measurable | Attainable | Relevant | Time Bound

sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Specific Goals - SMART Goals


We work on clearly defined and specific tasks. Our focus does not wander when we take up one specific action item and work only on that, until we are done and ready to take up the next task. It helps us to generate best quality and utmost accuracy in whatever we do.

sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Specific Goals - SMART Goals


Our approach is measurable. We provide milestones and timelines which enable the clients to know exactly what we are working on, how much work is completed, and how much is left to do at any point in time. Measure the progress at any time and ensure transparency.

sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Measurable Goals - SMART Goals
sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Measurable Goals - SMART Goals
sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Attainable Goals - SMART Goals


We under-promise and over-deliver. We never promise which is not realistic, and which we cannot complete within the offered time frame, with highest quality level. We only offer which we can really deliver. Our approach is attainable.

sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Attainable Goals - SMART Goals


We ensure that the task that we are working on is always relevant to the organizational goals that you have as a business. Our goals and approach is aligned to yours and must make visible impact on achieving your larger goals.

sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Relevant Goals - SMART Goals
sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Relevant Goals - SMART Goals
sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Time Bound Goals - SMART Goals


While working with us you will know when to expect a delivery, an update, or even a slight change in  schedule. We communicate. We keep everything transparent. And we add a time frame to everything that we do, so that you stay on top of every task.

sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Time Bound Goals - SMART Goals

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Client Accolades

Nancy Alexander

I purchased this gig to prepare the internal layout for my book. He did an outstanding job. Delivery was earlier than expected. Communication was timely and consistent throughout the process. I will definitely ask him for his help with future books. Highly recommend. Thank you!

Conchie Fernández-Craig

sTdwares has become our collaborator of choice for business solutions like animated PPTs, Social Media Cards and other graphics and biz dev support. Great Partner!

Henry Johnson

I love his work when it comes to communication and the spirit of excellence. He is Jonny-on-the-spot, I always get my orders back sooner than expected. I just give him the creative liberty to do whatever is needed to make my thumbnails look great. Thanks!

If you have an idea, we will turn it into reality.
Read our story to know more about us and our work.

Our Story

It all started in a small hostel room, some time in early 2000, when my father bought me a branded computer which was almost double of his monthly salary, that time!

Too much intrigued with the computing world, I started learning to program and develop little apps and games, using C++ & Visual Basic. However, most of the time used to be spent on playing games, and formatting theses for seniors.

Years afterwards I got a chance to get back to programming at work and that brought me right back to where I left at college.

sTdwares Freelancing Venture was not built in a day, like every other dream!

Over the years, the ideas were given shapes, thoughts were painted, the dream finally took a form. In this website that is what you are able to see now.

There were phases of growth and the process was fabulous, when I look back. It is the journey that is more beautiful than the destination, they say. And the journey of sTdwares so far is an excellent example of it.

sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Our Story Start
sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Our Story Ideas
sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Our Story Realization
sTdwares Freelancing Venture - Our Story Delivery

From building small products, in the form of games and apps (which never saw the commercial daylight), sTdwares has transformed and has now taken the form of a service based offering.

A small idea nourished over the years has now grown into a full-fledged business. A lot of people got involved. Thousands of individuals and businesses from around the world were impacted.

However, the basic principles did not change. sTdwares still depends on Integrity, Transparency, Communication, Dedication, and Quality. These are still the guiding principles of sTdwares freelancing venture.

Miles to go before I sleep, Miles to go before I sleep.

Yes, the story is still not complete and it is an ongoing process. sTdwares is growing and it will continue to grow in the future too.

Along with that, we will be adding more topics and chapters. So, stay tuned and keep an eye on this section.

Thanks for reading our story. Get in touch if you have any questions or if you want to know anything specific about sTdwares. We are here to serve and bring you the best that you  can get!

Talk to you soon.

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