Are you looking for some help with your Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word or Outlook? Do you need expert assistance with any of your Microsoft Office projects? Are you stuck with some VBA Macros or do you want to automate a repetitive and standardized process which will make you more productive and efficient in your job or business?

We can help!

sTdwares can help you automate your Microsoft Office processes. We can help you with your Microsoft Office applications and related projects involving VBA Macros as well. We can perform complex operations and create business KPI dashboards in Excel. If you have a database problem, we can help you solve that using Access. If you want to create professional, engaging and awesome presentations for your business meetings or demonstrations, we will do our best to create those for you in PowerPoint. We can also create Word templates, automate Mail Merge and format your Word documents. We can write Outlook scripts that can send automated emails from other Microsoft Office applications, like Excel, Access, Word or PowerPoint. Yes, that is also possible!


You can also get in touch if you need help with your Microsoft Office Assignments or Academic Homework. We can take up projects that involve doing assignments on academic portals, like MyLab IT of Pearson and HCC Learning Web.

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These are the top services that are provided:

  • Visual Basic for Applications or VBA Macros
  • User Interface (Simple/Complex)
  • User Forms with Textboxes, Buttons, Dropdowns & Pictures
  • MS Office Automation Using VBA
  • Macro Schedule so that it works on its own without human intervention
  • Fix Errors in Office files
  • Complete Office Tools and Applications using multiple applications


For Microsoft Excel:

  • Basic and Advanced Formulas
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Dynamic Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Dashboards
  • Data Validation & Multiple Dependent Validations
  • Dynamic Charts & Pivots (with or without VBA)
  • User Defined Functions (UDFs)
  • Read/Write Text/CSV Files


For Microsoft Access:

  • Databases – New or Link to External Sources
  • User Interface Application/Tool using Queries, Forms & Reports
  • Processing huge data and providing summary output in Excel


For Microsoft Outlook:

  • Send Emails through Outlook from other applications using VBA


For Microsoft Word:

  • Mail Merge
  • Excel to Word or Word to Excel Data Transferring


For Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • HQ Professional Templates and Presentations
  • Automate Slide Show & other features using VBA
  • Copying Data, Graphs, Charts & Tables from Excel to PowerPoint


PDF Conversion – we can convert your PDF files to Excel, PowerPoint, Word or image files and vise-versa. We can create fillable PDF forms for you to share and collect information from your employees, clients or any other target group. This is an awesome way to gather information in quick time.

If there is something related to Microsoft Office that you want help with, please get in touch with us. sTdwares will do the best to solve your problems. Get in touch and let’s talk business.

You can contact us through the contact page on the site or write an email to for best results.

Please feel free to check our gigs on Fiverr, the world’s leading freelance marketplace. The following links will take you directly to the gig pages:

I Will Create VBA Macros for Excel, Word PowerPoint, Access Outlook

I Will Be Microsoft Excel Expert, Dashboard, Mail Merge, VBA Macro

I Will Create, Convert and Edit PDF Files in 24 Hours

I Will Work On Access, Excel or SQL Database And Assignments

I Will Create Professional Powerpoint Presentation Designs Infographics

I Will Make HD Videos From Powerpoint Slides, Images And Pdf Files

Thanks again! Let’s start a long-lasting professional relationship. We will be happy if we can help you in your business.

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